10 May 2015

BS top

Wow what a nice place! St Chrischona has an amazing view from where you can see up to 10 other summits. The campus is a theological school that hosts over 100 students. I just had the chance to talk for half hour with the director of the school which took me around the whole campus explaining the hostory and the current doings of the Chrischona society. Higly

10 May 2015

The B day

nope, not my birthday, but the day I tackle 2 out of 3 of the cantons starting with B. Maybe you guessed it, I'm definitely not mixing Bern with another canton :) so today is the Basel Day! The plan it to start from the lowest point of Basel city (BS) then go to the S. Chrischona monastery (BS highest point) then on to the Rheinpark where the lowest point of Basel Land is and then

9 May 2015

Achtung Gefahr

Soso... finally time for a new summit! After an intense April with a lot of studying and planning for the next summits (more of this in a later post) it is now time for some biking and a bit of hiking. Now, the non swiss germans will be thinking what the heck with title. Well, achtung Gefahr is what we say when we see a car from Aargau. And that is we are now. :)