Project - "each idea stays an idea until we start working to realize it" That is why, from one of "those ideas" I had with a friend while enjoying some Merlot in a hut last year, I decided to create the project. On September 1st 2013 I decided to give a try to my natal canton - Ticino. 18h later 27SUMMITS.CH was not an idea anymore, it had turned into a vision.


The main idea of the project is to go and come back from the lowest point to the highest of a Swiss canton in one push using my own energy only. Additionally, as crowning of the project I’ll go from the lowest point in Switzerland (Lago Maggiore) to the highest (Dufourspitze).


Usually each push will involve a mix of cycling, walking, trail running, mountaineering, climbing, ski touring and cross country skiing depending on the summit, season and conditions that I will encounter. Obviously all material is carried by me.


I tend to do this things by myself, but it can be that a friend wants to join for part of a push, or that safety issues mandate a partner so I don’t consider this project a pure “solo” project. Nevertheless, in the big picture I see this pushes as my mind experiments.


I’m really interested in what a normal person can do, I’m no professional athlete, I certainly do a lot of sports, but not nearly as much as many people do. I don’t train with a fixed schedule nor I control my nutrition (of course I try to eat healthy), I’m just a mountain lover that likes to push his legs and foremost his mind.

Mind game

I know my body, and I know it can fail, often at times, but I also know that when when your legs don’t work, your head can still push them big time. This is what I want to test with some of the pushes. Of course some pushes are well within my capability, but for at least 4/27 I’ve no idea yet how my body will manage.


Well, ever been to Switzerland? It is incredibly beautiful.
Part of the initial idea was to do things that normal mountaineers might not do, like going to the “highest point of the lowest canton” to discover even more beautiful corners of Switzerland


Last but not least, It’s fun to do cool things and its fun to push yourself and to feel your body works well.
OK, it’ even better when you manage a push and can have a steak at home 😉

To accommodate the big difference among all of the 27SUMMITS, I separate them into four difficulties as following:

  1. Reggae: pleasure trips, summits that can be done in less than 8 hours listening to the good old Bob
  2. Trip-hop: more challenging than the easy ones, these summits will take between 8 and 16 hours ans some good Massive attack or Portished vibes
  3. Alternative rock: very challenging summits that will take between 16 and 24 hours and a good dose of Placebo and Muse
  4. Psychedelic rock: This are the hardest summits, a minimum of 24 hours and a lot of Pink Floyd has to be expected for this summits



Alternative rock15%

Psychedelic rock15%

One push

No mater how long the push, it has to be done in one push, that means: no huts, no tents, no planned bivouac. Just the needed gear, food and drinks.

Own energy only

Trains and buses are very appealing in Switzerland, they take you about anywhere. Well so does your bike and where the road ends, it time for the next sport.

Allowed gear

Anything that I move myself needed for cycling, walking, trail running, mountaineering, climbing, ski touring and cross country skiing. Of course also anything needed for safety. All gear starts with me and gets back with me – of course I won’t carry my bike to the summits. 😉


Being in the mountains by myself or with somebody always has an inherent risk, I of course try to minimize all risks and try to be selfsufficent by taking all precautions and all necessary material. Nevertheless, accidents can happen, therefore when needed I carry a REGA radio with me.

Most ethical line

Which way? Well, sometimes the shortest, sometimes the steepest, sometimes the most beautiful one. I leave myself a lot of freedom in choosing which way to take, where logistics, geography and mood permits it, I stay within the canton and Switzerland.

What is lowest

The lowest point of each canton was taken from wikipedia and double checked with a (Q)GIS analysis. When the lowest elevation are lakes, then the closest point to the highest point is taken.

What is highest

The highest point of each canton was taken from wikipedia and double checked with a (Q)GIS analysis. Border mountains are also considered. In case a mountain is the highest of multiple cantons, it will be made multiple time from different starts.


I try to be selfsufficient and to just refill my drinks. I don’t really go full on techno-food as in gels and bars only. I might take some, but I love my cheese, dried meat and nut cake. I’m also pretty lax on the use of huts as restoring places, the all do such wonderful jobs that you have to have a cake if you pass by one.




Alternative rock100%

Psychedelic rock75%

Free your mind…