23 Nov 2014

ZH done

A bit longer than expected, well ok I did have some nice long breaks but all in all it went well. In about 9.30 hours I was back at the Rhine river and although it was mostly downhill, I was soaked wet... from the fog :) A really nice day With Tessa and Fulvio from icebergfilm.ch that did all they could to follow me and find me after I took bike only shortcuts :) Definitely

23 Nov 2014

Top of Züri

Wow what a nice feeling, summit and wonderful weather after starting in the crappiest fog ever!!! The ride was cool, first it was sooo foggy that it was actually "raining", then I was suddenly surprised by an airbus alnding 50m fom me, then exiting the fog to a beautiful day and finally confirming my small mountains complex theory... the craziest steep road E-V-E-R!!! but what a view now

22 Nov 2014

Ready for Züri

So for once Im ready early :) Now off to Fondue and tomo lets try to rock Zurich :):) Please please dear fog be there only thee first hour or do :) Super stocked to have such good sponsor helpng with amazing gear! Thanks Salomon, Cube bikes, Menzli sport and Baabuk!!! Bérna on the