30 Aug 2016

Vintage Suisse Radio interview

Last week I was invited by the Swiss Italian radio Rete 3 to talk about my project in a transmission called "Vintage Suisse: Small and big stories strictly "made in Switzerland" to retrace the last years of our country" here you can listen to the podcast: Source:

30 Jul 2015

Sottosopra 4.5 – The roof of Switzerland

Night crosscountry skiing and the roof of Switzerland are the ingredients of the fifth episode of the documentary about 27summits aired Sunday 26 July. In the first short clip I go to the top of Neuchatel at night with 2 friends on mountainbike and crosscountry skis. Then a much longer reportage shows my attempt to reach the top of Dufourspitze. For the blog posts see 27summits.ch/ne and