6 Jun 2015

At least we had the view

We all have to take decision but sometimes we don't like the decision that we have to take. This night I had to take such one. The glacier from Furi all the way to the  Monte Rosa hut had absollutely no snow cover and we had to carry our ski all the way. This delayed us by over 2.5h. We arrived to the hut around 4.20. We were still 7h from the summit. I needed

15 Sep 2014

Pain, no gain

No I didn't forget the no in the title, I did give all I could and I fell good, but some times the mountain still wins. As we arrived on the last 150m (of roughly 3000) of the ascend, the part I was most looking forward to since it is climbing, the temperature was already so high that the wall was discharging rocks at, for my taste, to high frequency...