23 Apr 2018

No Pain, gain!

If you are scared of something go out and face it. You might lose big time but you might as well win, and when you win you are a happier and stronger person... I remember writing this after having finished the longest summit I did: Canton Bern and last Friday it was again a day like this. Perfect weather window, perfect conditions, the road open and without snow, the snow coming down to 15min walk

15 Sep 2014

Pain, no gain

No I didn't forget the no in the title, I did give all I could and I fell good, but some times the mountain still wins. As we arrived on the last 150m (of roughly 3000) of the ascend, the part I was most looking forward to since it is climbing, the temperature was already so high that the wall was discharging rocks at, for my taste, to high frequency...