22 Jul 2015

BE happy

If you are scared of something go out and face it. You might loose big time but you might as well win, and when you win you are an happier and stronger person... That is exactly how I feel right now, before leaving for Finsteraarhorn I was stoked, but also very very scared of what was to come. Now just after swimming in the Aare 60h after leaving I know that if I wouldn't have

16 Jul 2015

Big plan

I always said Canton Berne would be one of the most challenging ones, well looks like I'll soon find it out... honestly stocked and suuuuper scared of the hours coming. Lets hope the weather forecast sticks and Monday I'll be on my way to the Finsteraarhorn. I already packed my backpack so here my pack list: Bike: Mountaineering Clothing: Salomon S-LAB X Alp carbon shoes and 2 pairs of socks Salomon S-LAB X Alp GTX pants