23 Nov 2014

Top of Züri

Wow what a nice feeling, summit and wonderful weather after starting in the crappiest fog ever!!! The ride was cool, first it was sooo foggy that it was actually "raining", then I was suddenly surprised by an airbus alnding 50m fom me, then exiting the fog to a beautiful day and finally confirming my small mountains complex theory... the craziest steep road E-V-E-R!!! but what a view now

9 Nov 2014

20 left

After the light lunch we thought a nice run would be good, so we run down to our bikes in snow and mud with only one little fall. Once on the bikes, we went full speed back to the car trying to get there before night fall. Funny enough 500m before the car we reached Chiara and Mauro that had been cruising back from their SchniPo (wiener schitzel with fries). Was really cool to be

9 Nov 2014

Top of Zug

The "Small mountains'" paradox stays strong, Zugerberg the big bike climb of today featured over 600m of altitude gain in just over 6km for  nice average steepness of 10%!! but really a nice climb, and really super beautiful the high plain at the top. Only drawback were the million peoples up there escaping the town's fog. After a nice flattish ride in stunning landscapes we finally arrived to Alpli, the end of the bike part.