12 Jun 2015

Projects are cool

Since I started 27summits.ch back in 2013 I kept on discovering more and more people that have their own super cool projects. I love the idea of a project, it is something that you live intensively and that follows you for different time-spans. Some have a week project, some a season project, some a year project, some a multi-year or even lifelong project. Some might be local while some might be regional, national or even

18 Nov 2014

Interview on RSI LA2

So finally it is here! As I previously announced, I got recording of the interview on the RSI LA2 aired Sunday 19.10.2014 during sport non stop. Edit: I wrote the subtitles, in english (wow, much respect for all the interpreters...). To activate them, click on the CC icon on the lower right corner near the HD logo. 27summits.ch RSI La2 interview from Marco Bernasocchi on

17 Apr 2014

New website online

So finally its ready, the brand new, super cool, hyper beautiful 27SUMMITS.ch website is up and running. Go check it out and share it with your friends, the project is young but now I'm more than ready to go for it :) Oh, yes if you are interested in supporting me or know anybody that would be interested in donating or sponsoring the project, don't hesitate to contact me with an email, sms, comment, phone