23 Apr 2018

No Pain, gain!

If you are scared of something go out and face it. You might lose big time but you might as well win, and when you win you are a happier and stronger person... I remember writing this after having finished the longest summit I did: Canton Bern and last Friday it was again a day like this. Perfect weather window, perfect conditions, the road open and without snow, the snow coming down to 15min walk

10 Jun 2015

A bit of behind the scenes

Well, some days are now passed after the first big attempt to a big big summit. Pity it didn't work but I'm happy of how well it went. I managed to be faster than the schedule on the whole bike part and arrived up to 2900m being tired but still alive which is great. I'm confident that if we didn't have to carry the ski for the whole way we would have been at the

21 Oct 2014

4 days – 3 summits

Wow, after the TV news week, the weather gods where super kind and gave Switzerland a 4 days amazing weather window. A perfect indian summer with temperatures going well over 20°C. Add the fact that I hadn't done a summit in a while, that I just received the full xalp collection and new Ambit 3 and the decision was clear. Let's do a summit, or maybe 3!? Eliane already mentioned a while ago she wanted