Wow, after the TV news week, the weather gods where super kind and gave Switzerland a 4 days amazing weather window. A perfect indian summer with temperatures going well over 20°C.
Add the fact that I hadn’t done a summit in a while, that I just received the full xalp collection and new Ambit 3 and the decision was clear.
Let’s do a summit, or maybe 3!?
Eliane already mentioned a while ago she wanted to join me for a summit so we choose to do the Säntis for AR since it was in a range (around 12h and 3000m) she could probably handle and if not there where plenties of shortcuts. So that was fixed. Fixed was also my TV interview on sunday in ticino,  so no sports but monday and tuesday still looked great in west Switzerland. So I called the guy from Sottosopra and told them: lets go do Vaud and Geneva. They found a cameraman and all was happening. Despite my car trying very hard to stop me, monday morning at 6.00 I was leaving Villeneuve direction Sommet des Diablerets. Almost 13h and 3000m later I was bathing my feet in the Lac Léman, what a nice feeling. A huge dinner and 9h sleep after we were all driving to the Rhône for the Geneva summit.
The weather played along perfectly (beside a 5 minutes deluge) and today at 15.00 I had improved my summits statistics to 5/27 or almost 1/5 🙂
That is why waiting for my friends Fab and Soso here in Geneva i offered my self a great focaccia and aperol spritz 🙂


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