A bit longer than expected, well ok I did have some nice long breaks but all in all it went well. In about 9.30 hours I was back at the Rhine river and although it was mostly downhill, I was soaked wet… from the fog 🙂
A really nice day With Tessa and Fulvio from icebergfilm.ch that did all they could to follow me and find me after I took bike only shortcuts 🙂

Definitely cool was to be out on the highest point of the most populous canton on a sunny Sunday while in the cities there was thick fog. Hundreds of people where there enjoy the beautiful weather and when I was passing they all looked at me and Tessa or Fulvio holding the big camera and probably they where wondering why the heck a super slow cyclist is being followed with cameras 🙂

While on the steepest bit of the climb two kids actually stopped me (I was soooo happy to have an excuse to make a break) and asked me why the guys were filming me, so I explained them the project and they were super fascinated that I would end up in TV 🙂 so they asked for a picture. Pity I was so tired I forgot to ask them the names so I could get the picture and publish it here (so if you read the post send me an email).

The other feeling like a superstar moment was when I put the 27summits sticker on the summit pole with Tessa filming, everybody was looking like what the heck is that…

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