It is so far, the nationwide Generali campaign with as subject has started Monday. Generali approached me end of March asking if I would be interested in being part of a series of adds about people with unusual projects, I accepted and after 2 long days of shooting and probably many hours of editing, two TV spots (similar but in German and Italian) and three web spots (similar but in Italian, French subtitled and German) came out.

I really like them and would like to thank Ciro, Stefan and all crew for the nice work together and Generali for the opportunity. Also I’d like to thank Salomon,  Menzli sport,  Cube bikes,  Baabuk, and all friends and supporters for making possible.

Here the two 30 seconds TV spots airing now on the the Swiss national TV

Here the 3 web spots in Italian, German and French

Here some pictures of the filming of the adds

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