So after a long break with plenty of cool things Happening, I was finally out on a summit mission again! The last easy one, so I invited many people to come, we finally where 6.
After a nice breakfast in our new home, we drove to the Rhine at the border between Kanton Zurich and Schaffausen, a wonderful region in full autumn clothes. Pity only the sun is not showing.

Arrived at Eglisau, we met Stefan, which came by bike from Einsiedeln and then we all moved across a creek to the canton Schaffausen. After some posing for our official photographer of the day Cassy, we started riding nicely towards the Rhine Falls. Beside getting lost on gravel roads couple of times in Germany, the ride was nice and everybody was feeling good.

Arrived at the falls, we met Cassy again for some more pictures, had some snacks and then rode on to the Hagenturm. After a total of roughly 40Km we finally reached the summit of Schaffauen, a super nice place with a magnificent view… probably. Unfortunately, the sun still couldn’t pierce the clouds so we could not really enjoy the view. After helping an e-biker reparing his tire, we ate something and then started going back.

On the way back we took the slightly longer road south of the Rhine so we could see more of the region. At around 17.30 after 85Km and around 1100m+ we were back where it all began…
Congrats Eliane, Paso, Stefan, Giulia and foremost Pädi on his first road bike trip ever 😀

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