605672009 (1)Since I started 27summits.ch back in 2013 I kept on discovering more and more people that have their own super cool projects. I love the idea of a project, it is something that you live intensively and that follows you for different time-spans. Some have a week project, some a season project, some a year project, some a multi-year or even lifelong project. Some might be local while some might be regional, national or even global. Some climb, some ski, some swim, some stand up paddle. Some go for speed, some for endurance and some for difficulty.

It doesn’t matter what your project is, one important thing is to have a project and go out and have fun!

Here I’d like to link some sports projects that I like a lot (in random order)


Ueli Steck and Michi Wohlleben take on all the 4000 of the alps by bicycle in one 80 days trip.

Mia isci dalusc (not so far away)

My friend Mauro has sort of 3 projects in one, he is climbing all the peaks on his town territory starting from home by bike, climbing all the 3000m peaks in Ticino in summer and in winter.

Summits of my life

Summits of My Life is Kilian Jornet’s personal project, in which he will try to set ascent and descent records for the most important mountains on the planet, and is planned to culminate with the record attempt on the Mount Everest.

Starlight and Storm

Tom Ballard dream of climbing, alone and in the same winter, the six great north faces of the Alps. Those six mountains that, thanks to their size and beauty, have inspired generations of mountaineers: the Cima Grande di Lavaredo, Pizzo Badile, the Matterhorn, Grandes Jorasses, the Petit Dru and the Eiger (here an interview).


Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright free solo climb all the 14000 of California linking them by bike.

Sufferfest 2

Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright three-week-long, bike-powered journey to climb as many desert towers in the Four Corners region of the US as they could.


Chris Davenport, Christy Mahon, and Ted Mahon ski colorado higest 100 peaks.

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