The “Small mountains'” paradox stays strong, Zugerberg the big bike climb of today featured over 600m of altitude gain in just over 6km for  nice average steepness of 10%!! but really a nice climb, and really super beautiful the high plain at the top. Only drawback were the million peoples up there escaping the town’s fog. After a nice flattish ride in stunning landscapes we finally arrived to Alpli, the end of the bike part. Unfortunately Chiara is really tired and can’t go further so Mauro (being the gentleman he is) rides back whit her to one of the really inviting restaurants that we saw on the way here. Eliane and I get changed and start walking up the last part. It is basically a supersteep 400m high stairway, that takes us to an amazing view point on the top of Wildspiz. Gorgeous! 🙂

After the usual kiss-pictures-stickers ritual we go to the restaurant for some Swiss light fares…

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