No I didn’t forget the no in the title, I did give all I could and I fell good, but some times the mountain still wins.

It all started with a 1.30 delay due to missing a train in Chur, but then I thought, easy the weather is nice and stable it will be no problem. The bike ride went amazing, the first summit push for my new CUBE beauty (Litening Super HPC SL Black Green – 2014), and Eli’s great idea to use my Momentum crosscountry skiing pants as biking and walking pants made the 95km feel like a breeze (yeah whatever 😉 ) .

A steep walk to the super nice ringespitzhütte and the fantastic breakfast made all the thinking go away. After a lot more walking we’ve finally snow under the feet, still not too bad. We rope up in a comfy place and walk more. Arrived on the last 150m (of roughly 3000) of the ascend (the part I was most looking forward to since it is climbing) the temperature was already so high that the wall was discharging rocks at, for my taste, to high frequency. Add the very wet and slippery snow and the fog coming in and an annoying decision had to be taken. Doesn’t matter if I already spent 12.5 hours to get here and we will have to walk back 3 more hours, going is too dangerous, so I tell Dani and Eli that we will go back.

Pity, but so it is, some time the mountains allow you to feel strong, some times they remind you that they rule.

well for now it is: “Ringel see you soon and thanks for the awesome views”

Bérna on the couch

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