What an amazing week for 27summits.ch,
Monday I had a meeting with Fulvio Mariani and Mario Casella of iceberg film the realizators of Sottosopra for the RSI (Swiss italian tv). Sotto sopra is a 10 episodes documentaries series that in June 2015 will run it’s fourth season.
Each episode is 70 min and includes five to six 10-15 minutes stories about people that love and live the outdoor. It spans from high performance sports (think Ueli steck’s speed ascents) to personal lifestyle decision (think Didier Berthod’s change from athlete to priest, an artisan hand making swiss alphorns or a family living in verzasca to be able to boulder).
On top of the 10 minutes stories, each season has a recurring theme (like Season 2 Patrick Seabase crossing ten swiss passes on a track bike) that gets a 3 minutes story per episode.

Next season’s recurring story will be 27summits! 🙂

They will start following me from next week whenever we manage. I’m really excited about the possibility of sharing my passion for the outdoor and maybe motivate some people to go out and challenge themselves.

Wednesday I then got a call from Sport non stop and they asked me to be guest this Sunday to present the project. So, if you want to see me sweating harder than when I’m hiking, tune on RSI2 (stream on the web) this Sunday 19.10.2014 at 14:40.

I’m really stoked to get these opportunities and I know I couldn’t have set up such a nice project without a lot of help. That is why I want to thank again everybody that supports me and my project(s).

Ciao Bérna

P.S. If you want to join a summit I’m always happy to share my sweating 🙂

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