One of the biggest challenges of is, belive it or not, finding the lowest point of a canton. In fact depending on the geography of the canton the lowest point might not actually be a point but a polygon (for example when the lowest point is a lake) or a line (when the lowest point is a canons border crossing orthogonally a river).
Today ‘s lowest point is probably one of the trickiest ones. a V shaped tree cantons corner in the middle of a  river junction (Reuss and Lorze).
So this morning I was confronted with a dilemma, should I take the lowest land point or the land point closest to the real lowest point? After hours and hours (ok exagerating) of analysing I deided to take the closest point to the lowest even if it was in another canton. The rationale behind it is that by doing so I’m as close as possile to the lowest point. And anyway, we are talking about 5-10m but still interesting to notice :).
Today I’m definitely not alone, beside Eliane (trying her second summit), there are also our friends Chiara and Mauro.
Cool really looking forward to a nice day in very nice company… if only the fog would dissolve… 🙂

Bérna on the move


  • Kristin

    Very interesting! I’m wondering about canton bern:from the City of bern (Aare, mattequartier) to the schreckhorn?? and Canton Valais: from??? To dufourspitze,Monte Rosa!

    • Bérna

      Hi Kirstin, I wonder too 😉 foremost because Bern is from near Solothurn to the Finsteraarhorn :(:(
      Valais is also tough, but only the 4th hardest, Graubünden ant the whole switzerland should be much harder.

      ciao Bérna


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