One of the advantages of being self-employed is that you can trade a Sunday for a Monday if the Sundays weather doesn’t seem nice. That is exactly what I did…
But since I’m talking about weather let me give you some background information first. Thursday Eliane and I went ski-touring in Zermatt to get some acclimatization for Saturday’s project. I wanted to give a shot at a very big summit, the canton Valais. But, and obviously there is a but, Friday the winter came back and dropped 50cm of snow at altitude making me unhappily cancel the whole thing.

But back to yesterday, I spontaneously decided I wanted to do a summit so at 4.30 I left home direction Four cantons lake, the lowest point of canton Nidwalden.
At 6.30 I had my new mountain finally ready for its first ride, 32 km with 1400m of height gain on partly road and partly off-road up to the Trübsee station of the
Engelberg ski-resort. After that 1000m of ski touring and at the end about 100m of climbing.
The day was amazing, the conditions perfect so that I didn’t have to rush to be safe.
After around 8h I was at the top of Rotstöckli, completely alone and first up there since October 2014. Not really many people go up there and most who do, go because they ant to be on all the highest points of each cantons.

I really enjoyed being alone on the summit, I was crazy to be there all by myself in such a beautiful day while some 300m further town there were hordes of tourists learning how to sledge after probably seeing the snow for the first time. After one hour on the summit I down climbed and at the bottom, Chrigel Aschwanden (the local mountain guide and fellow Salomon outdoor ambassador that gave me plenty of information on the Rotstöckli) was there to say hello! what a nice surprise, real Salomon family feeling 🙂

The ride back went all smooth and when I got back to the lake I just had to jump in 🙂

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