27 Jun 2015

Ticino 2.0

Adula was the first summit I did, back on September 1st 2013. Back then my project didn't Exist yet. I was just trying to go from the lowest point to the highest in my natal canton. Then half year later in canton Glarus on the top of Tödi I decided many things. Among others I decided to go for all cantons. Fast forward to today. What the heck am I doing in Tenero (the lowest

23 Jun 2015

Jurassic trip

The plan was big, very big, but once again the conditions and weather said no. So instead of tackling the Finsteraarhorn we changed destination to its neighboring canton of Jura. Originally planed as a Reggae summit (probably around 7h), the the Mont Raimeux can actually be reached by a very long ridge that requires climbing and scrambling. Obviously we opted for this variant adding around 5h of fun to the trip. But let's start from the

12 Jun 2015

Projects are cool

Since I started 27summits.ch back in 2013 I kept on discovering more and more people that have their own super cool projects. I love the idea of a project, it is something that you live intensively and that follows you for different time-spans. Some have a week project, some a season project, some a year project, some a multi-year or even lifelong project. Some might be local while some might be regional, national or even

10 Jun 2015

A bit of behind the scenes

Well, some days are now passed after the first big attempt to a big big summit. Pity it didn't work but I'm happy of how well it went. I managed to be faster than the schedule on the whole bike part and arrived up to 2900m being tired but still alive which is great. I'm confident that if we didn't have to carry the ski for the whole way we would have been at the

6 Jun 2015

At least we had the view

We all have to take decision but sometimes we don't like the decision that we have to take. This night I had to take such one. The glacier from Furi all the way to the  Monte Rosa hut had absollutely no snow cover and we had to carry our ski all the way. This delayed us by over 2.5h. We arrived to the hut around 4.20. We were still 7h from the summit. I needed

3 Jun 2015

New Generali TV and Web adds

It is so far, the nationwide Generali campaign with 27summits.ch as subject has started Monday. Generali approached me end of March asking if I would be interested in being part of a series of adds about people with unusual projects, I accepted and after 2 long days of shooting and probably many hours of editing, two TV spots (similar but in German and Italian) and three web spots (similar but in Italian, French subtitled and German)