Well, some days are now passed after the first big attempt to a big big summit. Pity it didn’t work but I’m happy of how well it went. I managed to be faster than the schedule on the whole bike part and arrived up to 2900m being tired but still alive which is great. I’m confident that if we didn’t have to carry the ski for the whole way we would have been at the hut at least 2h earlier. Why I’m I saying this? well because last night I’ve been looking into the next big one, and the distances are basically the same. So I’m happy!

Now, regarding the behind the scenes, I’d like to thank a lot Arianna Colliard and Mario Casella that took up the food to the closed hut and cooked wonderful instant noodles at 4am 🙂 I must admit that they were almost as good as the ones I had on the second night on ElCap (the best instant noodles ever).
Another huge thank you goes to Mauro Dotta for leading the way on the glacier while I was super tired 🙂 Grazie mille.

Finally here some pics of the way down where we had to walk the whole 6h as coming up, I was lucky since my pack was very light, but Arianna and Mario had the whole film gear with them and Mauro the ropes…

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