The plan was big, very big, but once again the conditions and weather said no. So instead of tackling the Finsteraarhorn we changed destination to its neighboring canton of Jura. Originally planed as a Reggae summit (probably around 7h), the the Mont Raimeux can actually be reached by a very long ridge that requires climbing and scrambling. Obviously we opted for this variant adding around 5h of fun to the trip.

But let’s start from the preparation, Sunday evening, Eliane, Mauro and I left home to go camping in our bus near the start. After driving for ages, we got to Buix (3km from the lowest point of Jura) where we found a nice spot for parking and preparing our fondue. Yes, fondue as as I mentioned, the weather wasn’t really great…

The next morning, after breakfast, we prepared our bags (two 20l and one 30l) with all the needed gear (1 set of nuts, 3 friends, 6 quick-draws, carabiners, slings and a 30m rope) and warm cloths and left for the lowest point. From there we had around 55km to the start of the ridge with one pass in-between.

The ridge was super nice but very, very long (over 1.5Km and 530m+)! after 2h we reached the half where we could get of the ridge and take a path up to the summit.

The Mont Raimeux has an amazing view and the setting is wonderful so we spend some time hanging around. After a dring at a hut, we walked straight down to our bikes where we changed and head back to the lowest point. On the way back all went nice, beside the suffering of redoing the Col des Rangiers and the small rain that caught us just before Porrentruy. In Porrentruy we stopped at a shop, ate half the shop and rode the last 12km to Boncourt. It took us 12h and 15min for a total of 123Km and 2030m+

Click the photo to view the visual story:

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