Adula was the first summit I did, back on September 1st 2013. Back then my project didn’t Exist yet.
I was just trying to go from the lowest point to the highest in my natal canton. Then half year later in canton Glarus on the top of Tödi I decided many things. Among others I decided to go for all cantons.
Fast forward to today. What the heck am I doing in Tenero (the lowest point) again? Well I’m going to Adula to repair a small ethical glitch. Last time I was there a friend of mine took me a MTB to the end of the main road and we rode 10km on something I didn’t have at the start… an outrageous act 😉

So here we are 3am Christian, I and Tessa and Mario from the TV. The weather is perfect, the lake inviting but I say to myself “later”.
Christian and start knowing that we won’t be a duo for long. Today 27summits crosses “Mia iscì dalùsc” so we called some friends and ended up each choosing the point where to join the trip. The first one is not far, Züghi waits for us at ho home only 15km from the start, Elena 5km later. At 4.00 the riders group is complete, next stop breakfast in Dangio where Simona brings a delicious Treccia (a typical swiss sunday’s braided bread).
Af the amazing break we set off for the end of the tarred road (which comes 1.5km too early) from where we start walking with Mario from the TV to the next meeting point, Soi where we meet the next bunch. Katia, Manlio, Paolo, Carlo and the 3 climbing dogs Ragno, Nicky and Nembo. Next stop is the CAS hut where we meet Fulvio from the TV.
The rythm becomes super fast we walk in 2h what i planned for 3h, skip the lower hut and at 9.30 we are at the UTOE hut at 2400m and meet Giulia and Andrea. A soup, a drink and off we are for the next 1000m and for catching up with Mauro and Chiara.

The landscape starts becoming more and more alpine. We cross the first snowfield and finally start scrambling up the ridge under the watching eye of Fulvio filming from an helicopter… like we were superstars 😉

The ridge goes and we are on the final glacier field where we see Chiara and Mauro taking a short break. We are complete. 11 people ready for the last 200m, we rope up and of we go. Step after step we finally get to the last meters where Mauro e Chiara are super kind and wait to let me go first on the summit. 🙂

Yaaayyy!!! We made it! Time for cheers, kisses (pity Eliane is sick and couldn’t come), pictures, cheese, salami and wine!

The descend is long but goes well (beside a fall where I hit my knee really hard on a rock) and when we finally jump back on our bikes and roll down to Dangio where Simona brought fruitsalad and cake we are the happiest bunch ever.
For four of us is not over yet. We start riding back. I manage to catch Mauro’s car and follow it super fast. I love riding 60-70Km/h in wind shade. The others didn’t manage to catch the car so I stop waiting for them.
We keep on riding at a nice pace and finally the “Bellinzona” sign arrives. Elena made it! Congrats. Züghi has decided to come to the lake. Züghi and I keep on changing leads to give Christian, meanwhile super tired, some help. And finally we see it, the last bridge. All energies come back, Christian lifts his hands to the sky, he did it! Super congratulations!
Züghi arrives walking with Tania that camed to say hello.

We sit, we chat, we make jokes and finally I jump in the lake…

Ethic and self coherence are important and I said to myself 18h ago i would bath…

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