If you are scared of something go out and face it. You might lose big time but you might as well win, and when you win you are a happier and stronger person…

I remember writing this after having finished the longest summit I did: Canton Bern and last Friday it was again a day like this. Perfect weather window, perfect conditions, the road open and without snow, the snow coming down to 15min walk to the road, the ringelspitz hut halfway open and super friendly as usual. Only issue my training or better said the non-existence of it… This winter we had so much good snow and so much work that when I was skiing I was mainly freeriding. I have done 2 mini ski tours and I’ve been once on my MTB. Not really what I consider a good base for a 190km road bike with 1000m+ and a fairly long ski tour with 2000m+. But hey beeing young 😉 I’m allowed to be stupid at times, so after many yes, no, yes, but, maybe, and so on Saturday I brought Eliane to the Kunkels pass from where she skinned to the Ringelspitzhütte.


I went on to to the Lake Constance, the lowest point of Kanton Sankt Gallen from where I started riding my bike up the Rhine valley and then back to where I left Eliane. All went super smoothy and I was faster than planned so I stopped in a restaurant for some nice Älplermagronen. Full of energy I left for the last kilometers with my bike and then up by ski to meet Eliane. I was again way too early so I had a quick nap. After breakfast, we left in a wonderful night landscape and walked until sunrise when we had a quick break to take some amazing pictures.
300 more meeters up and we reached the point where last time we had to turn around but this time we had plenty time so we climbed the last couloir and the 15m rock tower to a wonderful summit view. What a feeling, the first summit of the year and foremost the first summit with my wife 😀


From here it is only downhill said somebody… yeah right 😉 nevermind the 70km flat with head wind and sore bum…

well, after 2-3 pain breaks I made it back to the lake and almost went for a swimm but hunger took over 🙂

Cheers and enjoy the spring

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