27 Jun 2015

Ticino 2.0

Adula was the first summit I did, back on September 1st 2013. Back then my project didn't Exist yet. I was just trying to go from the lowest point to the highest in my natal canton. Then half year later in canton Glarus on the top of Tödi I decided many things. Among others I decided to go for all cantons. Fast forward to today. What the heck am I doing in Tenero (the lowest

23 Jun 2015

Jurassic trip

The plan was big, very big, but once again the conditions and weather said no. So instead of tackling the Finsteraarhorn we changed destination to its neighboring canton of Jura. Originally planed as a Reggae summit (probably around 7h), the the Mont Raimeux can actually be reached by a very long ridge that requires climbing and scrambling. Obviously we opted for this variant adding around 5h of fun to the trip. But let's start from the

Expandyourplayground18 May 2015

NW bottom to top an back

One of the advantages of being self-employed is that you can trade a Sunday for a Monday if the Sundays weather doesn't seem nice. That is exactly what I did... But since I'm talking about weather let me give you some background information first. Thursday Eliane and I went ski-touring in Zermatt to get some acclimatization for Saturday's project. I wanted to give a shot at a very big summit, the canton Valais. But, and

23 Nov 2014

ZH done

A bit longer than expected, well ok I did have some nice long breaks but all in all it went well. In about 9.30 hours I was back at the Rhine river and although it was mostly downhill, I was soaked wet... from the fog :) A really nice day With Tessa and Fulvio from icebergfilm.ch that did all they could to follow me and find me after I took bike only shortcuts :) Definitely

9 Nov 2014

20 left

After the light lunch we thought a nice run would be good, so we run down to our bikes in snow and mud with only one little fall. Once on the bikes, we went full speed back to the car trying to get there before night fall. Funny enough 500m before the car we reached Chiara and Mauro that had been cruising back from their SchniPo (wiener schitzel with fries). Was really cool to be